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My first album focuses on public domain, historical, traditional hymns. Why? To learn why, visit my blog article, Why record piano music to a CD?

Everlasting Peace - Douglas Ronald Lee, solo piano artist

When you have trials and troubles, where can you find peace? Especially when there are wars and rumors of wars and lots uncertainties, both worldwide and personally. Politically, financially, physically, and more. Over the past centuries, many people have asked the same question.

You can find everlasting peace, which is peace that endures forever, through belief in our almighty holy God, the creator of us and the entire universe.

Some people have written poetry and songs about their quest for peace…and how and where they found it. This album is a collection of timeless, historical hymns, inspired by the original authors’ personal stories of their quest for everlasting peace.


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Holy, Holy, Holy! Lord God Almighty!-Douglas Ronald Lee  To God Be The Glory-Douglas Ronald Lee  Fairest Lord Jesus - Douglas Ronald Lee  Just As I Am - Douglas Ronald Lee



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