Kaitlyn’s Song – For The Bride

Single Release Notes, December 2023

This instrumental piano song fulfills a long-time goal as my first published original composition. I composed it for my daughter’s in-town wedding reception. This was intended to be in lieu of having to give the typical father’s speech during her wedding reception. However, the out of town wedding was postponed twice and finally occurred without any guests due to the COVID pandemic. Each delay (in the following two years) of the separate local wedding reception supposedly gave me more time to finish this song. Or so I thought. But I didnt touch the piano during the pandemic due to the need to work. This song became put on hold indefinitely.

Until recently in fall of 2023. A member of my business referral group recently said during his presentation, that his goal was to publish a book someday. That prompted me to remember I had a goal to publish original piano compositions someday. There are several unfinished. I’m getting older. Maybe they are good enough as-is to share with the 🌎. And I probably won’t be able to play them any better in the future. There is no written music, just recordings from 2019 and slightly editted in music software.

As a result of my renewed interest in piano music, I first published a traditional Christmas hymn, O Come All Ye Faithful, on Oct 28 in honor of my mom’s birthday. And then What Child is This? on Thanksgiving eve. And then this song Dec 6, finally, for her 3rd year anniversary. Time has sure flown by fast in recent years.

Technical info

Key of C, time signature 4/4, tempo 100

Stereo recorded in overhead ORTF configuration plus one additional microphone near the left back side to capture more piano bass.

For this recording, no reverb (reverberation) was applied. The reverb you hear is natural from the piano’s metal harp and solid wood structure. Normalization and dynamic compression were used to increase the volume of the lower and midrange frequency notes to help balance with the melody. A limiter was applied to lessen the accent of the melody line.


In-town Maid-of-Honor flowers by Rachel. Photo by me on November 30, 2020 and cover art composition in November 2023.