Wow, four years have passed since my first album, Everlasting Peace, was published. During the Covid pandemic, the focus was on work: finding work, and doing work. Not music. During this period of lots of different temp jobs, I had the opportunity of fix up my in-laws house to prepare it for sale. Special thanks to the realtor who told us about an on-demand, app-based platform to find people to repair houses. After the house went on the market, I signed up as an independent contractor to repair houses (and assemble furniture too) for others.

After a year and a half, in December 2022, the economy began to slow and jobs became infrequent. I decided it was time to obtain my general contractor’s license and expand my client base beyond the app-based platform. Carpentry and handyman services are categories for which I became insured. In search of new clients, I became a member of BNI (Business Networking International) in order to promote my business. At a recent weekly meeting in October, our speaker mentioned a goal of publishing a book someday. Two words caught my attention: “publishing”, and “someday.” Wasn’t one of my goals to publish an original piano composition? Yes.

In 2019, I had started recording for the next album which was going to be Christmas music. Nothing was complete. But perhaps some songs were good enough? Or maybe now I’m unable to play them any better than those recording four years ago? And in this day and age, releasing singles instead of a whole album is becoming more common. So I decided to release a Christmas recording in honor of, and on my Mom’s birthday. O Come, All Ye Faithful is available on Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube Music and more. An easy way to find it is to search on your favorite music steaming sites for Douglas Ronald Lee. I’ll provide direct links later.

And more music will hopefully be released in the new future. Be sure the like on Facebook or favorite on your music streaming sites to receive updates about new music releases. Which hopefully will be monthly!

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