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Why record piano music to a CD?

By Douglas Lee on

Why record piano music to a CD?  I’m not a professional musician and aren’t CDs (compact discs) becoming obsolete, being replaced by digital downloads and streaming?  As financial coach Dave Ramsey says, for you to succeed (at nearly anything), you need to know your “why”.  So why?

The short answer:

After my mother-in-law’s memorial service, my mom asked me to record some piano music onto a CD for her to listen to while Mom and Dad travel between Portland, OR and the Oregon Coast.


The big picture answer:

I’m getting older and shockingly, its a huge number already! How did that happen?  And more questions arose and soul searching occurred after my mother-in-law’s passing: What am I going to leave behind when I’m gone and graduate to Heaven? What kind of legacy, if any?  But actually, its not all about me. Instead, will I have done anything to affect, change, or improve people or the world?

It now seems logical, especially with the tools available in this era of the internet, to share my God-given talent of piano music with anyone who wants to listen. I know there are at least 2 people, my mom and dad. However, there are millions of other pianists out there, so it’s questionable whether or not this music can compete with the higher quality talent of others.

However, its not a popularity contest about whose music sounds better, but rather about using music to help point people towards God and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ which leads to eternal life in Heaven. And its about providing music that is calming and comforting and continues to remind us of the profound 3 persons of God: God the Father, God the son Jesus Christ, and God the Holy Spirit.

Is this my purpose in this season of life on earth until permanent, eternal life in Heaven? One way to find out is to try. And as career coach Ken Coleman says, “Everyone has a sweet spot. Your sweet spot is at the intersection of your greatest talent and your greatest passion.” And as my mother-in-law said, “We all do the best we can.” So while arranging and recording music for my mom, why not also make the music available to anyone on CDs and as downloads streaming? Easier said than done.

“Why not also make the music available to anyone on CDs and as downloads and streaming?”